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Market Squads (Digital Marketing Agency)

Helping Businesses Get More Clients & Traffic at Record Speeds

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We're committed to your business growth.

Strategic digital marketing & sales to fuel your business growth.

A Digital Sales and Marketing agency on a mission: To overwhelm your business with relevant leads and increasing your revenue. We are not good, we are the best! Try us for a month and you will rely on Marketsquads always for your online sales and marketing needs

Average Sales Growth % of Businesses in First 3 Months


Clients' Satisfaction Percentage


Lead Generation

Lead Generation

LinkedIn + Cold Emails = Plethora of Leads

We offer strategies to deliver effective leads to businesses just like yours. We help you develop the right message then hit the right target market to get you positive engagement… via Linkedin and Cold Email.

Online Sales Program

Online Sales Program

Training or Outsourcing to boost your sales the right way

We will train your team to become beast in sales or if you don’t have a sales team we will give you a team of top salespeople who will close the leads in a way you always wanted (Actually beating your expectations)

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Make influencers promote your business

We connect with you the top influencers who can help you grow your business overnight. We give you direct access to voices that matter—your consumer audience.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Find veteran marketers to work on your brand

As a digital marketing agency, we understand the need for right marketing needs by our customers that’s why Marketsquads provides a collection of digital marketing services (you name it we have it) to handle all the aspects of your digital marketing at the best price and quality


We offer strategies and services, to deliver effective leads to businesses just like yours. We help you develop the right message and then hit the right target market to get you positive engagement.


We offer services to deliver effective growth to businesses just like yours and help you develop the right digital strategies


We have a lot of case studies and we are presenting some best of them which fueled the businesses of our reputed clients.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Free Consultation

Our free consultation gives you all the essential information which will help you facilitate your digital marketing efforts. But of course, we can do all that for you too.

Transparent Service

Sometimes clients find them in dark about their plan execution with various agencies but not with us. We will update you every day your daily progress via project management tools.

Best ROI

We understand how important is for businesses to keep positive ROI, our mission is the give you a better return on every penny you spend on your digital marketing pursuits.


I have experienced MarketSquads very professional, well structured company and at the same time flexible to adapt with my ways of work. They have helped in my Linkedin Lead generation and grow my business.

Nataliya Wiedemeyer


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Corporate office 

2055 Limestone Road STE 200-C in Wilmington, DE 19702, USA


621, Level 6, North Ave, Bandra, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Phone – +44 121 2880 701 (UK), + 1 424 373 6966

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Phone – +44 121 2880 701 (UK), + 1 424 373 6966 +91 852900651

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