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Are all chatbots helpful or we need more language processing?

marketsquads - September 16, 2019 - 0 comments

While browsing a customer service or product offering you might have already noticed bots are being increasingly used in all types of interactions. Bots have become the first point of contact between brands and their potential customers. According to Gartner, by 2020 85% of such interactions will occur without human participation. 

So far, the development of the basic chatbot trend is affected due to the nature of the conversation. According to Statista polls, only 34% of respondents prefer chatbots to traditional channels of communication with online retailers as they are unable to sort out the problem they are looking for. Marketers have also realized the limitations of basic chatbot and now we have the advent of a new generation of AI chatbots. They will request information about the user, understand the spoken language, and conduct a full-fledged dialogue.

There are few chatbots which have proven to be remarkably doing well in terms of replacing humans and interaction with the user is more natural. Among them is the Clare.AI chatbot, which uses natural language processing and is able to work as a financial online consultant.

Another equally sociable chatbot is Morph.AI. Morph.AI is a powerful platform, that provides exceptional support and effective chat strategies to build the best Chatbots for your business. It is widely used for WhatsApp ( and Facebook where most of the B2C business communication happens through the medium of social media.

In the next year, or two, such chatbots will completely change the common perception about how communication between businesses and customers occurs.

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