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8 tips on how to generate B2B sales leads easily

marketsquads - March 29, 2021 - 0 comments

B2B Sales Leads are qualified leads that are used by salespeople to reach out to clients in generating sales and converting them into clients. Every business is in constant need of leads to survive and grow but being able to generate high-quality leads and then convert them into clients is challenging. However, with the right strategy and execution, it will help your business outperform your competition and grow significantly.

Up to 80 to 85 % of B2B marketers feel it is the number 1 challenge

8 Tips on how to generate B2B sales leads easily?

1 – Keep your database upto date and nurture targeted list  

A targeted list of leads is an extremely essential element of generating successful B2B leads. Make sure that your database does not contain any obsolete information such as incorrect numbers, leads that are not relevant to your products etc. Keep your list spick and span and then reach out to your target audience rather than contacting them at random. This will not only increase the probability of successful leads but also save you from wasting your time. Invest in right tools like mailchimp or Growlabs that can help detecting spam or outdated leads and reduce the risk of keeping redundant data

2 – Personalise your Cold Emails 

To generate B2B sales, don’t hesitate to send cold emails but make sure to customize and personalize them using merge tags. Merge tags allow you to insert the first name or company name in each email and any database tool you use to send emails provides the merge tag option. A targeted, personalized email is more likely to get a response from the recipient, ensure to keep it simple and to the point. Newsletters format generally do not help in generating leads.

3 – Use the right tools for Lead generation

LinkedIn for example is the most popular tool now to achieve your sales goals for B2B sales leads. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a premium tool is built using LinkedIn’s data to help sales professionals like you easily harness their data of 660M+ members. Through LinkedIn, you can message people by building a buyer persona of your clients for your company. LinkedIn claims their average customer makes 250% more connections and have 7% higher win rates (34% higher win rates with 6+ connections into an account). You can also automate the process of contacting and messaging through AI powered tools. 

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4  – Use the power of follow ups

Whether it is B2B sales leads or B2C, most of the lead conversion happens in the first or second follow up. Following up is a good way to remind the client that they have your personal attention, and you are there to encourage them to act. It is the first step start an authentic and friendly relationship with the client, which can also help to generate a decision in your favor. Follow up does not mean you are being pushy, it in fact means:

  • You care about providing them with right service
  • You are persistent and dedicated and with consistency they perceive reliability 
  • You are ready to work with them and take on their challenges.
  • Their project is a priority for you.

A NO from a client on follow up, should not be taken as your wrong approach, it is just that the client is not ready yet to take services and you can either move on to the new lead or can still pursue further to ask them the reason. Follow the right scripts of following up.

5 – Use retargeting, remarketing campaigns 

You can use remarketing/retargeting tools such to show ads on other websites to your targeted visitors. Through retargeting campaigns, if a visitor lands on a certain page related to your business offering, you can show them a promo video, free white paper, related to what they read. A right Call to Action ad (with fewer execution steps) can convert into a lead, which with right follow up strategy can convert into your client. Retargeting is very common for generation B2C sales leads however works reall with B2B sales leads as well.

6 – Optimise your landing pages and get your SEO right

SEO is important for a simple reason; it keeps the search results fair. Sites appearing on the top pages for each search are there because they deserve to be there, get your SEO right so people visit the website more and build a landing page that provides an optimised Call to Action (CTA). For example, if your landing page provides a very simplified version of taking email from visitors by providing a Free case study or white paper the purpose is solved. Everyone wants free information with some quality and in return you get the lead.

7 – Conduct webinars

Most B2B businesses have their webinars running regularly. Conducting timely webinars on your products, services and other aspects of your B2B company can not only help in generating more leads but will also create circles of trust with your existing clients. Webinars are a great way to engage with your customers and promoting your services among wider audience.


8- Use the power of internet through referrals, reviews, and ratings 

If people are talking positively about your product you basically do not need to spend money marketing it, just get your digital strategy right in today’s era. It’s about being the best in your niche and providing value. If people are searching for a product and your product positively comes up in reviews, rating you are doing remarkably well. Doing remarkable could be doing the best in the class of your own whether it could be quality with best price, innovative approach, or fair deal.

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Well, we hope now you have some helpful tips and tricks to increase the revenue of your B2B organization. A powerful brand presence and knowledge about the latest trends can be role changers for your B2B organizations.




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