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Can Marketing Help You If Your Product Sucks? (PODCAST)

marketsquads - October 9, 2019 - 0 comments

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Podcast by: Faraz Mohsin and Viplove Bhojwani
Summary: Fatima Sameen


To begin with, if your product sucks marketing won’t help at all. Now, what are the signs of problems do you face to eventually realize that your product sucks? Not everyone’s product is good from start, they work on it and improve it with feedback. One example is poor sales with good marketing and when your marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads don’t match up. Your marketing department might be doing great by getting good leads, but the sales team is unable to convert it. Some could say the sales team is inefficient but if your product is good, you don’t need a sales team, to be honest.

Everything is available online in this era. If the marketing and lead generation is decent but you are still not making revenue, it is time to look into your product. In the world of user reviews, blogs, vlogs, SEO, social media strategy, if you are using just traditional methods to push your product then you can end up doing marketing for your own competition.

Please make sure your product assures quality and is timed correctly. If your product is good you will undoubtedly get good reviews because people will realize its benefit. If your competition is doing inexpensive marketing for your product and you provide a similar product which is better in value, then you will benefit from their marketing because people will do enough research before buying it. Benefit from people who are doing marketing for similar products or categories.

Also, pay heed to negative social media responses as some people deal with it nonchalantly. A few months ago, someone tweeted about a bad personal experience on a flight. The flight on the other hand just shrugged it off without giving it much attention and in a matter of days, lost business.

A regular marketer will think my product sucks, but a good marketer will think about what they are lacking and will work towards product development. If you don’t have a good product, work towards improving the value of the product and its ratings by taking honest reviews and feedback. Also, don’t be biased towards your product and proclaim it to be the best. That is one reason why many
products fail. To see your business flourishing, work on a good digital marketing strategy, invest more on product and customer service and less money on advertising and traditional methods. Remember that marketing can help but won’t get you massive revenue if your product sucks.

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