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How to effectively plan Digital Marketing for your Business (Podcast)

marketsquads - October 14, 2019 - 0 comments

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Few things that we can do to scale up digital marketing

1. Identify the buyer persona, it is important to note that information is based on real data.

2. The clients need to identify their goals and the tools that they currently need and they should have an inventory of existing or owned, earned and paid media. 

By existing media, it means tools they are currently using like the Facebook page, their own website, and their social media channels.

Earned media is like direct marketing, they have earned customers who are doing marketing for them, publicity and all that and

Paid media which obviously means paying to promote your business. 

3. It is also important to identify the buyer persona. 


A couple of tips on how to identify that:

There is a thing called empathy map, if you google it you will find different templates used to construct your buyer persona and there is another tool called target persona by Hubspot which is a free tool from where you can make target persona.

These are a few things on which we can elaborate as much as we want but it is imperative to identify all of them in order to build your digital marketing.

Apart from this, there is something more important. Once you have identified your target customer and all the channels, then planning your digital marketing campaign depends on your customer journey.

The customer journey is an integral part of digital marketing and people often neglect this part. For people who don’t know about it – the customer journey is how a potential customer turns into an actual customer.

Some businesses don’t consider planning an important part of digital marketing. Whereas planning is very essential if you haven’t studied your customer behavior, what they like, the product offering, how the customer wants it to be you have missed the essential part. Plan before you launch your market.

Planning gives you a framework and then chances of errors become very minimal so don’t neglect it. Making assumptions about the audience can make your marketing strategy go in the wrong direction like scaling prices all of a sudden, or adding discounts– all these things don’t always work so always plan first and then execute. 


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