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How to make your content stand out in this brutal competition (In conversation with Abid Hussain)

marketsquads - October 25, 2019 - 0 comments

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Podcast Summary 

[0:40]: Background about Creative Stew, by Abid Hussain – Founder and Creative Director of Creative Stew

Creative Stew is home to a collective of creatives working across broadcasting, advertising and content.

[4:06]: How to make your content stand out even with a small budget.

The movie studio is now in your pocket if you are creative and have something to say, your phone is your medium to tell your story. You have a distribution system like YouTube, you have a promotional platform which is social media and everything sits in your pocket. You don’t need fancy stuff to promote your stuff which is a crucial part for a start up — to be noticed.

You need to tell your story, it can be told in any way, in the form of a podcast, video or a picture with words on it which can also become an ad. The catch is your story has to be true. Have to be true to the brands you are selling. You can’t oversell it. When you start making money and your business is running then you can get in touch with professionals like us (Creative Stew and Marketsquads) who can help make your story impactful in a professional way and that’s how you take your business to the next level. That’s what we do with brands.

[9:01]: The biggest challenge with clients is the ad costs, the alternative they find is viral marketing with videos.

There is a lot of noise among entrepreneurs about viral videos. Is there a set way to get viral or people are just trying the trial and error method, with some succeeding in their efforts and some not.

Videos going viral is plain frugal luck, not one video which has gone viral has thought about it going viral. People put thoughts and algorithms but it has never gone viral like that. If the video hits the right spot with the audience and consumers it will go viral on its own. There is no science behind it.

Now brands are hiring a lot of influencers to make sure that the content they are putting through their influencers is going to hit the spot, so that people buy it, which doesn’t really affect the ROI much.

[12:55] Best practices to follow or three simple tips to keep in mind while creating content.

[13:35]In today’s time people’s attention span has gone lesser than a goldfish.

So try to tell your brand story in not more than 10 seconds, you can increase the seconds but that would be pushing your luck.

If you want to monetize from your content, want to go for longer content like on YouTube then you have to format it well and you have to make it on a regular basis. You can’t expect amazing results from just one content. Put new content on a regular basis (be it weekly or bi-weekly) and revive your audience’s interest.

Make your content tight and be consistent so people can have a taste of it and can come back for more if they like it. Keep on populating the content.

Never oversell your product as people like honesty and are very smart.

[18:00] Frequency for putting out content across

It boils down to how much budget you have. Make a content calendar for the year – to plan it around the holidays, make it in advance so that you spread it out when the time is right. Keep on pushing as much content you can.

For any queries you may contact Abid on or us on our website, please also subscribe to digital marketing academy podcast for more information on digital marketing.


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