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How to Run Re-targeting Ads Effectively (PODCAST)

marketsquads - October 24, 2019 - 0 comments

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Podcast Summary

[0:40]: What is re-targeting?

Sometimes the best people to target are the people who have visited your website or your blog more than once or have already digitally interacted with you in the past. These are the people who have already shown interest in your business. When we approach them then we are the re-targeting business to them. It shows you to reach the customer that are more likely to purchase from you.

 [2:30]: People often confuse re-targeting with re-marketing

Marketers use re-targeting and re-marketing in the same terminology. Re-marketing has originally come into existence from emails, where you invite the people again and again via the same platform. Whereas, re-targeting is displaying the ad everywhere on the web. So the same ad will appear on my website and other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram etc. All social media channels use re-targeting.

[4:00]: Re-targeting gives you a better return on investment than normal ads.

[4:30]: Why do we do re-targeting?

For instance, if we know a person is interested in buying a luxury car so it’s my responsibility to show him that these are the cars available in the market and he can choose amongst them and make the right choice. Knowing the interest and behavior of the person is the first step and then we re-target. Many successful marketers understand the behaviour of the consumer and re-target based on that. For example: Looking for a luxury car that is also automatic, so if you are seeing ads like these then that is successful retargeting.

[6:05]: Re-targeting is also about brand building, more than sales.

The more people will see your name, the more they will trust your brand and it will then turn to leads and revenue.

[6:68]: Two types of interaction, onsite and offsite.

On-site interaction includes people who have already visited your website. Offsite interaction includes people who have not interacted with your website but have similarities with your previous customers. So it’s like a Facebook lookalike audience. However, making people convert to customers from offsite marketing would need a strategy and that is important.

[8:03]: Important and simple tips on re-targeting.

You should re-target the audience that is spending more time on your website, over 5 seconds. As people who have spent that much time on your website are interested in some aspect of your website or its product and are likely to buy from there.

Upselling is the part that people overlook. Many people don’t re-target customers who have already bought items from the site. These people are more likely to buy from you when they trust you.

Re-targeting is a crucial part of the digital strategy. Invest good amount on it.

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