Automate B2B Sales Opportunity Generation. Get 10-50 qualified leads per month Using Email and LinkedIn

Automate Lead Generation/Appointment Setting

Your Salesforce should be Building Relationships (not cold prospecting)

MarketSquads achieves 2 things for your potential customers.

We make them:
1) Aware of who you are and what you do
2) Interested in you

Your company then takes them through:
3) Consideration,
4) Intent
5) Purchase

Make Your Sales' Team Calendar Like This

Why Choose us


No more extensions that compromise your account and having to keep your screen on. Cloud-based system guarantee safety along with a dedicated IP address from your location assigned to each account. Log in safely from any browser and manage your campaigns and inbox.

Safe and secure

Our system is completely safe thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure, dedicated location-based IP addresses and our proprietary human mimicking system. Everything is done in a perfectly humanlike manner that is both completely undetectable and reliable.

Advanced personalization

Thanks to our wide selection of variables you can customize your messages on a whole new level. For even more advanced use, there is an easy way for you to add your custom variables. If you want to remove extra unnecessary titles or extra words in company names you can do it in a few clicks before starting a campaign.

Smart Inbox & light CRM

With our smart chat feature, you can reply to messages straight from Instant Leads without hustle. Are you tired of the messy LinkedIn inbox and missing out on hot leads? Sort your messages by campaign, label leads, add notes next to the conversations and focus on what really matters - closing deals without losing any messages in the process.

Clean UI and seamless UX

With our customer needs in focus, we have created the easiest flow and seamless experience to let our users focus on generating leads. Create campaigns in under few minutes and manage everything from a single place. We heard quite a few times that this is the cleanest user interface and simplest UX of any automation tools on the market.

Integration with any CRM

Integrate Instant Leads with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, or even Google Sheets if you want to. In under two minutes, you can create complex flows connecting Instant Leads to any third-party tool using Zapier or Integromat. Get all the important data automatically in real-time with these powerful integrations.

Free InMail support

Along with regular campaigns using view, follow, connect and message steps you can now create free InMail campaigns. Send messages to people that are open to free InMails without the need to connect with them first. A powerful way to reach decision-makers in a short period landing an InMail message straight to their inboxes.

Managing multiple accounts

Built with agencies in mind, managing multiple accounts has never been easier with our master dashboard. Add new accounts and switch between them with a single mouse click to cut on wasting time changing dashboards and logging in to multiple places. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can manage!

Automation Modules

Email outreach

Crush your sales outreach by leveraging the top 3% high-performing email sequences, from +12,000 campaigns.

Social outreach

Drive high-converting sales conversations with your ideal prospects, through unique dialogue-driven strategies.

How Instant Leads works

New Feature

Smart Sequences

Now you can create campaigns combining emails, connection invites & InMails under just one solution. Best of all, Smart Sequences allow you to create different scenarios for your workflows depending on the prospect’s behavior. Check out our templates with real data that you can immediately use.         

Bunch of ways to generate leads

Filter for your ideal prospects using one of our targeting options. Run searches from LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, import your own csv file or copy the url of a LinkedIn post to engage with all the people that reacted to it. Also, there is an option to use Sales Navigator Lead lists.          

We Support:

Unlimited campaigns under one profile

You can run below campaigns, all under one profile and bring everything at one place :

Powerful multi-step campaigns

Set complex flows with placing steps and time delays Between them as you see fit.

Run campaigns for 2nd and 3rd connections combining connect, view, follow and message step, or engage with
your 1st connections. Cherry on top – run InMail campaigns on your prospects.


Run and track multiple campaigns

Run multiple campaigns at once to better understand what works best for you, A/B test your approach and cover more ground. Daily limits are equally split between active campaigns.

Also keep an eye on insightful metrics available in real-time for each campaign

Manage multiple accounts

Perfect for agencies and everyone that has a need to manage more than one account. Easily add or remove LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard. You can navigate and cycle through connected accounts in a second. And the best part – there is no limit to a number of accounts you can manage.

Handle conversations with Smart Inbox

Forget about messy LinkedIn inbox and losing leads because you missed a reply. With our Smart inbox feature you can manage all of your conversations without ever leaving our app.

To help you do more in less, we also have labels along with an option to add notes in a CRM style.

Hear directly from our Clients

Mohammed Baqar - General Manager - Walsos

Natalya Weber - Founder and Director,  Gravitas

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