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Invest more on delivering product value and less on traditional marketing methods.

marketsquads - October 7, 2019 - 0 comments

In the world of user reviews, star ratings, blogs, vlogs, SEO, social media strategy if you are using traditional methods of marketing you can actually end up doing marketing for your competition. Traditional marketing is not as important as it once was. What matters is that your product assures quality and is timed correctly. Let’s take an example to understand this. I travel to work every day from Milton Keynes to London and I see ads everywhere splattered on the walls, inside trains, basically everywhere on the way. I see this ad on a digital bank and the benefit it offers over conventional banking. I had business account switch over on my mind so when I reached office I searched online for information on the best digital banks. I checked reviews, asked people on my WhatsApp groups already using digital banks and checked for ratings. Eventually, I ended up choosing a product whose ad I’d never seen before. This compelled me to wonder, why I didn’t go for the product that got me into thinking of digital banking in the first place. So, your product will sell if it is really remarkable and offers real value.

If people are talking positively about your product you basically don’t need to spend money marketing it, just get your digital strategy right in today’s era. It’s about being the best in your niche and providing value.

If people are searching for a product and your product positively comes up you are doing remarkably well. Doing remarkable could be doing the best in the class of your own whether it could be quality with best price, innovative approach or fair deal.

I believe you should start investing more in product and customer service and less money on advertising and traditional methods. Businesses that do well spend more money on their existing customers than new prospects, existing customers market for you.

This article is based on my research on digital trends and observations, some references have been taken from the book ‘Oversubscribed’

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