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What ERP companies should do with their digital strategy?

marketsquads - October 13, 2019 - 0 comments

1 – Work with a Micro-Influencer

Micro-influencers are people who are not celebrities and have grown their followers organically on social media. They specialize in their niche and are established on a variety of channels. So, identify your ERP related micro-influencer you’re going to work with, identify by the kind of followers they have, what kind of articles they publish and whether the response on their posts is engaging. Work with them to write a post about your service, for example if you are launching a new enterprise mobile solution’ that is flexible enough to integrate with any back-end system then a related influencer who has written about new enterprise-related products and is an expert on reviewing trending mobile solutions should be your best bet. Ask them to share an online review, or post a picture on Instagram with one of your products. Due to the manageable size of their base of followers, they’ll be able to engage with your target audience on the content they share about your products and brand.

This way, they can answer any questions their followers may have about your products, and create some noise. If they can communicate their experience with your products directly to the audience it will create enough noise for your product to become viral.

The other influencers you can reach out to our social media influencers, blog influencers but their fan base are mostly direct consumers so might not be directly relevant for the B2B side of products like ERP. Celebrity influencers are expensive and won’t specifically be able to correlate with their fan base.

2 – Build a chat bot on to your site

With the advent of a new generation of AI chatbots with the ability of language processing and conducting full-fledged dialogue chatbots are really useful to interact with people who are browsing through your product and spending enough time to read about it. Conversion through a chatbot is the first step in your funnel for lead acquisition. Chatbots are helpful for all kinds of businesses however for more specific products like ERP an advanced AI-powered chatbot will be very useful.

3. Hire a digital marketing agency

To get someone onto your website to read about the product or service and interact with AI-powered chatbot as mentioned in the above point you will need someone either to bring you on top of the search results with organic search rankings or effectively use paid Google AdWords campaigns for you. Beware, Google AdWords could cost you a fortune and not bring conversions if not effectively optimized. Specialists who have the expertise and understanding of your product needs should be doing the job for you. Leading digital marketing agency will work on bringing higher ROI and keep boosting them, that can be measured on a monthly basis. You can keep your own content writer, strategist, consultant, researcher, marketing person, and designer but it is a taxing task to manage them all without an agency.

4. Don’t mess with your Winning Formula

A company that succeeds innovate but they don’t mess with their winning formula – Daniel Priestley

If your ERP product is robust, secure and offer solutions to niche clients such as sectors like Defense and has been trusted for its security for ages then selling secure and robust solution is your winning formula. If your innovation takes you away from your winning formula your business may suffer. With the new push of having better UI and UX, fancy screens, consumerization of IT your company also starts innovating into it exposing your solution to the internet and thus compromising on the security you will lose on your winning formula and risk the continuity from the existing customers. Innovate at the edges but stick to your winning formula. Your digital strategy should not mess with your winning formula.

5. Make clients and not just customers, write stories

ERP solutions are not one off products like selling shampoo or a mobile handset or a TV. Customers convert into clients. To sustain your ERP solution you need to build a core offering, a true and reliable solution that evolves over time and is adaptable to changes with the evolving technology. ERP helps businesses grow and play a significant role in reducing inventory, increasing sales, better planning and providing an overall seamless integrated experience. If your customer becomes a client and is happy then the growth of your client business is directly linked to a successful ERP implementation and eventually, your product is recognized. Invest in your product work with your client to write stories on how it helped their business grow sales or reduce inventory, overheads, etc.

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