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What is event-triggered marketing?

Viplove Bhojwani - April 13, 2020 - 0 comments

Event-triggered emails are exactly what they sound like – automated emails that are triggered based on specific events, such as an action taken (or not) by a website visitor or a meaningful change in a customer’s behavior or profile.

Trigger emails are a great addition to any marketer’s toolkit because they allow marketers to automatically send messages that are timely, personalized, and relevant to where the person is right now. By responding swiftly and meaningfully, you can catch someone at the time they’re still actively thinking about the product or topic that triggered their action … and your email.

Examples of trigger email campaigns include:

  • Confirmation Messages – welcome emails to new subscribers, thank you notes for making a purchase or taking a survey
  • Event Campaigns – a series of triggers that go out before and after an event or webinar; reduces non-attendance and increase opportunities for continued conversations
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment – alerts to visitors who’ve left items in their shopping cart
  • Personal Messages – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays

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