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What is the impact of influencers on marketing and how businesses can leverage it? (Podcast)

marketsquads - October 18, 2019 - 0 comments


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Podcast Summary

What is the impact of influencers on marketing and how businesses can leverage it?

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing uses top content creators, content creators are the people who talk about content all the time and influencers are the top-level content creators, who have a huge network of people who follow them specializing in their respective niche to help you improve your brand, spread awareness and increase traffic. They drive your brand message to the target audience as these content creators already have a fan base and great audience across all their social media channels. If you have a product to offer you can reach out to an influencer who if even puts a single tweet, will be equivalent to putting an ad for a thousand pounds.

With influencers, you get the social proof as well as people trust them. They won’t doubt your product so that is one beauty with influencer marketing. If you engage with influencers for your brand, it will be very impactful for your brand image in the long run. But what we see is everybody is an influencer nowadays. So how to escape this track? How to not engage with influencers who are fake influencers?

There is API for Instagram, Facebook, and others so you can buy fake followers and likes. At Marketsquads we help brands connect with relevant influencers by calculating the ratio of their engagement. For example, A guy has 1000 followers and 200 likes, which is like 25% of the audience is engaging which is good. But if someone has a million followers and is getting only a thousand likes that’s not even one percent so you need to be aware of this.

Now we’ll discuss real-life influencers and how to approach them with real-life examples:

Three basic influencers:

Micro or social media influencers – It is something where Amazon is also leveraging these days, any person with 1000 to 100000 followers is considered a micro-influencer and is not a celebrity.

Celebrity influencer – the name speaks for itself

Blog influencers – they take your content and post in their network which doesn’t necessarily be on Instagram but they have other networks, email lists and we consider them as influencers too

A micro-influencer is not a celebrity so how do they become an influencer?

They use social media activities with attractive content and they hit the right emotions of the audience. They have that skill to convert people into followers and people want to hear more from them so they organically become influencers.

For example Sydney Loveleigh – is an Instagram micro-influencer – posts content about health, fitness, and travel. Works with an athletic clothing brand and has around 22k followers. She writes about brands on Instagram which has made her a good micro-influencer. The brand she promotes is Nuxactive.

How can a normal business leverage the power of a micro-influencer because many businesses don’t have the power to go to celebrities as their cost is high and the ROI won’t be much.

  • Research well who is right for you.
  • We at Marketsquads define the category and location of the business and then we make a write-up and send it to people. We do certain maths as mentioned earlier about the engagement rate. If it is 20-30 percent minimum, we try to make partnerships with these brands. You have to make lucrative offers for both parties, businesses, and influencers. They both look for trade relevance. This is where agencies like us help businesses find the right influencers. We have a network, so you don’t have to wait for long. You may find similar agencies that may be able to help you but we have write-ups ready for you with little tweaks like changing locations etc. We have everything in place. These people already trust us so they won’t doubt you which is something very important.
  • The celebrity influencer Amazon sponsored – Chloe Kardashian’s baby shower which had about 93. 7 million followers so influencers can have a high influence on social media so this is something we should all leverage. All companies should have an influencer strategy as the impact is amazing. Everyone is on Instagram, Tik Tok. You spend 5.5 hours on an average on social media daily. Earlier there was just a newspaper, now you’re either on a phone or laptop, even on a television you have live internet streaming. Just before watching YouTube you have to watch some ads. It’s everywhere.

Now I guess you all have enough info on how you can leverage influencer marketing for your business. Subscribe to Digital Marketing Academy podcast for more useful and practical tips on digital marketing.



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