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marketsquads - September 16, 2019 - 0 comments

Influencer marketing has gained popularity and is used as a strategy to increase brand awareness and user engagement. To gain new customers and increase their company’s ROI brands are collaborating with influencers. According to a study conducted by Neil Patel conversions can increase from 3 to 10X when brands share content through influencers in their industry. This is seen as the fact that influencers have a loyal and engaged fan base and a friendly rapport with their follower community.

Above example is from Neil Patel on what consumers say about Influencer Marketing

An influencer marketing campaign has the power to generate extensive ROI. Using Influential marketing, it does not just boost brand visibility, but it also offers tremendous potential in driving real conversions for your business. With the moving behaviour trend, people don’t watch ads, they want to watch stories, told through the eyes of their favourite social media influencers they follow.

Here are some examples of Influencer Marketing


  • Sprint got big on Influencer Marketing With Its #LiveUnlimited Campaign. From the many influencers working together for a campaign, each of these influencers has followership in the millions, making their total reach on Instagram alone a whopping 30 million followers.
  • Old Navy: Boys & Girls Club of America – Influencer: Alex Rodriguez. Old Navy is a veteran of influencer marketing, has partnered with fashion and lifestyle bloggers all over Instagram to promote various lines of Old Navy clothing. For Black Friday, the company doubled down on this strategy by partnering with New York Yankee retiree Alex Rodriguez to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA). Being an alumnus of the BGCA, Rodriguez’s promotion helped Old Navy raise $1 million as part of sales during Black Friday alone.
  • Pepsi’s campaign featuring social influencer Kendall Jenner is enough to scare away the other big brands that haven’t yet taken the plunge. The ones that have, however, and done so successfully, know the power of influencer marketing first-hand.
  • H&M Studio heads to the streets for its fall-winter 2019 campaign called, ‘Magical Realism ‘
  • #TW17 campaign run by ERPINNEWS had a combined strength of 60 influential writers crossing the total reach to 1.2 Million in a single month.
  • GAP: GAP’s successful campaign featured a number of influential social media personalities from blogging giants like Refinery29 and WhoWhatWhere, showing how they incorporate GAP clothing into their personal wardrobes. Users viewing the influencers’ posts on social media were given options to “Shop this Look” conveniently in the caption of photos.


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